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Music Citations: Turabian/Chicago Style: Journal Articles

This guide will assist with formatting music citations using the Turabian/Chicago style. For more info, consult Turabian Manual: MUS REFPN203.T8 2007 or consult Chicago Manual online at:

Citation Format (ONLINE) : Turabian 17.2

Citation Format: ONLINE articles If the article you’re citing is from a journal that exists in print, then create your citation just like the print version (above).

B: Smith, Jolie. “Finding Your Voice.” Journal of Music 24, no.2 (October 2006). Accessed December 27, 2008. http://link.html.

N: 1Jolie Smith, “Finding Your Voice,” Journal of Music 24, no. 2 (October 2006), accessed December 27, 2008, http://link.html.

To Keep In Mind:

  • For online journals, that only exist online, follow the same citation style for print, with the date of access, and the URL (link) or doi. 
  • For journal articles, professors generally do not need to know which database you used to access the article (Proquest, RILM, etc.)

Citation Format (PRINT): Turabian 17.2

B: Last Name, First. "Title of Article." Name of Journal Vol. #, Issue(s) # (Month Year): page(s).

Ex: Smith, Jolie. "Finding Your Voice." Journal of Music 42, nos. 4-5 (June 2007): 223-25.

N: First Name Last Name, "Title of Article," Name of Journal Vol. #, Issue(s) # (Month Year): page(s).
Ex: Jolie Smith, "Finding Your Voice," Journal of Music 42, nos. 4-5 (June 2007): 223-25.


Remember: Some databases, like JSTOR, use "Vol." preceding the volume number, or "pp." for page numbers, or use a capital N for the issue number (no.).

They are not following the Turabian style. Do not simply copy what you see on their page for your citations.

To Keep in Mind:

  • If your article is from JSTOR, or was originally published in print form, use the print format.
  • Spell out the full month.
  • Enter only the number of the volume--no "vol." necessary.
  • The issue is referred to with the abbreviation "no." followed by the number itself. Multiple issues = "nos."
  • If you don't have a volume number, just insert a comma after the title and then give the issue number. ex: Journal of Music, no. 8 (February 2004)...
  • Never insert punctuation before the parentheses () Don't forget your period at the end of the citation!
  • Remember: the way that JSTOR and other databases render citations will not necessarily reflect the Turabian style!

How to cite from RILM

For further examples, please consult: Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 9th ed., rev. by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, et al. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018).