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Faces Behind the Places of DePauw University

This guide includes historical information about the people behind DePauw University's building names.

Belle A. Mansfield

Belle MansfieldBelle A. Mansfield was born in Des Moines County, Iowa, on August 23, 1846 and died in Aurora, Illinois, August 1, 1911. She married John M. Mansfield in 1868. A graduate of Iowa Wesleyan University, Belle Mansfield was professor of history at DePauw University (1886-1890), professor of aesthetics (1890-1894), preceptress of Woman's Hall (1886-1911), dean of the School of Art (1893-1911), and dean of the School of Music (1894-1911). She has the distinction of being the first woman admitted to the Bar in the United States (June 15, 1869) and being the only woman member of Delta Chi fraternity.