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Faces Behind the Places of DePauw University

This guide includes historical information about the people behind DePauw University's building names.

William Martin Blanchard

William Martin BlanchardWilliam Martin Blanchard, was born in Perquimans County, North Carolina, August 25, 1874 and died in Greencastle, Indiana, December 21, 1942. He married Hattie Godwin in 1901. They had a son, William. Blanchard married Vera Worth in 1933. A graduate of Randolph-Macon College and John Hopkins University, Blanchard came to DePauw University in 1901, where he served as director of admissions (1925-1941), dean of the college (1927-1941), and professor of chemistry (1901-1941). He was a nationally-known chemist and teacher, and the mentor of Percy Julian and other distinguished scientists.