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Indiana United Methodist Church

Historical information about the United Methodist Church. Indiana United Methodist Church records transfer instructions. Indiana Methodist Historical Society information.

About the Indiana Methodist Historical Society

The Indiana Methodist Historical Society is a non-profit organization established to preserve the history of Indiana's United Methodists. The Society pursues its mission through recognition of historic sites, publication of Indiana United Methodist history and development of programs for people interested in United Methodist history. Membership is open to anyone curious about the history of United Methodism in Indiana.

It is very appropriate that our Historical Society recognize the faithful men and women who have been part of all the groups that today are called United Methodist. The society supports the programs of the Indiana Conference, working closely with the Conference in projects of mutual interest.

Past activities include:

  • Presenting annual one day conferences each April for members. Recent conferences dealt with such topics as oral history, campgrounds and the missionary wagon train to California.

  • Preparing and distributing a survey locating all extant nineteenth century structures associated with United Methodism in the South Indiana Conference.

  • Acquiring a grant from the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana to help with the preservation of the 1807 Robertson Meetinghouse, Indiana's oldest Methodist structure.