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Walker Cup: History and Recipients: Selected Images of Walker Cup Winners, 2000-Present

This guide highlights past winners of the Walker Cup at DePauw University

2018: Peter Gorman

2015: Ashton Johnson

2012: Nic Flores

2009: Matt Jennings

2006: Matt Ehinger

2003: Nathan Hand

2002: Rebecca J. Hedge

2019: Liam Byrnes

2016: Craig Carter

2013: Mark Fadel

2010: Nikki Craker

2007: Bess Evans

2004: Tricia Cooksey

2001: Ashley Brooke Krieg

2020: Brittany Davis

2017: Sara Fears

2014: Sandy Tran

2011: Christine Walker

2008: John Schomburg

2005: Lindsey Ciochina