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Accessing News and Newspapers through DePauw Libraries: The Wall Street Journal

This guide provides information about DePauw University's subscription access to various news outlets and how to setup your account and what content is available to students, staff and faculty at DePauw.

Welcome to the Wall Street Journal

DePauw University Libraries are pleased to announce unlimited access to all features and resources of The Wall Street Journal both online and through a variety of apps for all students, staff, and faculty through your email address.

Activating your Wall Street Journal Subscription

Step 1: Visit (preferably on campus or over VPN, if off-campus you will have to get through the Microsoft login page as specified here)

Step 2: Create your WSJ account by filling out your First Name, Last Name, Email (username), and choosing a password. In the case of students, you will also be asked for your Graduation Month and Graduation Year

Faculty and Staff   WSJ Create Account                                Students WSJ Student Create Account

Note: Do not change the value in the Account Type dropdown, leave it set to the value 'Account Type'

Step 3: Click on the I agree to the 'Privacy Notice, Subscriber Agreement, Cookie Notice' before hitting the 'Create' button

WSJ Privacy

Step 4: You will receive the following 'Redemption Successful' message along with a 'Confirmation NO'

WSJ Redemption Successful

Step 5: You will also receive a 'Welcome to The Wall Street Journal' email

WSJ Welcome Email

Step 6: Your subscription is now active and ready for use

Note: Already have a personal WSJ membership and would like to convert to a School Sponsored WSJ membership, call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel.


Access Includes:

Exclusive Events:

  • WSJ's annual three day 'Future of Everything Festival'
  • WSJ's Live Q&A's
  • WSJ's Student Editor Summit
  • WSJ's Jobs Summit

The Wall Street Journal Mobile Apps

  • The Wall Street Journal is available on a variety of applications, download the ones that best fit your needs
  • Academic Access/Passes need to be renewed every year from the date of initial registration, this is referred to as 'Refresh Your Access'.
  • When it's time for the annual refresh, you will receive a reminder email from
  • Ensure to check your spam folder if you fail to receive the email.

Student members can receive an exclusive WSJ T-shirt if they get five friends from school to redeem their school-sponsored membership.

For graduating seniors, WSJ offers a discounted membership for young professionals priced at $4 per month -  a90% discount on the standard consumer rate. Students who take advantage of the offer will continue on that discounted rate for 2 years. Students also have access to WSJ's online graduate hub, which is filled with relevant career content and other tools and resources.