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Accessing News and Newspapers through DePauw Libraries: The Washington Post

This guide provides information about DePauw University's subscription access to various news outlets and how to setup your account and what content is available to students, staff and faculty at DePauw.

Welcome to the Washington Post Online

DePauw University Libraries are pleased to announce unlimited access to The Washington Post both online and through the mobile app for all students, staff, and faculty through your email address.

Activating your Washington Post Subscription

Step 1: Visit (preferably on campus or over VPN)

Step 2: Click on 'Sign In' in the upper right-hand corner

Washington Post Sign in

Step3: Click on the 'Sign up' link in the lower right-hand corner to register a new account

Washington Post Sign up

Note: If you already have a Washington Post account linked to your DePauw Email Address, cancel your subscription and note down when it ends. Once that date is reached proceed to Step 8

Step 4: Enter your DePauw email address, click on the terms and conditions check box and click next

Washington Post Terms

Step 5: Choose a password and click 'Create account'

Step 6: Once you have been redirected to the home page wait to receive an email to verify your account 

Washington Post Confirmation

Step 7: Click the green 'Sign in' button on the email

Step 8: Once on the homepage click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, which will display the menu

Washington Post Account Settings

Step 9: Click Account settings from the dropdown menu and make sure your email address is Verified (if not verified click on 'Unverified' to be sent a verification email)

Washington Post Email Verification

Note: If there is a delay in receiving the verification/welcome email you might still be able to login but might see a paywall that will not let you proceed to click on your account settings. If this is the case please wait to receive your verification email and then proceed from Step 6

Step 10: Finally under 'Account' click on the 'Subscription & Billing' tab then click to 'Activate free digital access'

Washington Post Subscription

Step 11: Your subscription is now active and ready for use


Access includes:

  • Unlimited digital access to from the school's network
  • Current news coverage from The Post's expert reporting and analysis from Washington and around the world
  • Award-winning investigative coverage and editorial commentary
  • Real-time Q&A Discussions providing a behind the scenes look at key stories
  • Live-streaming of Washington Post Live events

The Washington Post Mobile Apps

  • Get the latest news, along with a curated reading list and customized alerts in the app.
  • Personalize your experience across your devices including the option to access your saved stories.
  • Note: will not work on Kindle readers, only Kindle Fire

The Washington Post TV Access

Seeing a paywall after completing your account setup?

It is either:

  • A pending verification email - wait to receive the email or reach out to to get help from one of our librarians


  • It is a simple browser glitch - which can resolved through the following steps:
    • Step1: Click on the 'Find your subscription' link in the top right-hand corner of the paywall window

Washington Post Paywall

    • Step2: Enter your DePauw Email Address to authenticate

Washington Post Welcome Back

    • Step3: Check your subscription status from under 'My Account settings' (follow steps 8 through 10 on the 'How to Register' tab of this guide)

Washington Post Subscription

The Washington Post