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DePauw Libraries Resource Policy

Roy O. West Library

The main library, Roy O. West, houses the bulk of our physical collections in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences as well as some institutional specific collections like DePauw Authors.  Our considerable online collections are available 24/7.  In addition to our main library, we offer the Archives and the Music Library to meet more specific needs, and to provide great places to study and get help with your research.

Housed within Roy O. West

Located on the main floor of Roy O. West Libraries, the Learning Commons supports all students who strive to do academic work that is imaginative, well-organized, accurate, and memorable.

The LC includes three Centers: Writing (W) | Quantitative Reasoning (Q) | Speaking and Listening (S)   

W, Q, and S Tutors are ready to provide you practical suggestions, feedback, and encouragement. 

Currently the Centers plan to offer both in-person and online appointments in Fall 2022. You may meet with a peer for advice about all sorts of assignments: essays, problem sets, oral presentations, research projects, homework

Located on the second floor of Roy O. West, Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS) assists faculty members in enhancing their teaching and their students' learning through the latest technology with an emphasis on the pedagogical applications of technology rather than with explicit technical training.

The Government Documents collection at the DePauw Libraries supports the academic mission of the University and serves the government information needs of the general public, primarily the residents of Putnam County and the 4th Indiana U.S. Congressional District.  DePauw was designated as a Federal depository in 1879.  The DePauw Libraries provide free and unimpeded public access to United States federal government information in all formats, including Internet access. All depository materials and access are available for anyone to use without charge. DePauw is a Selective Depository, receiving only a small percentage of depository printed materials.  We provide access to items electronically via records in our catalog and access to government websites on subject-specific LibGuides.

Located on the first and second floor of Roy O. West library, the Tenzer Technology Center is a high-tech collaborative space where students from all disciplines enhance their technology literacy to support their personal and career aspirations and prepare to work and live in a diverse and global world. Tenzer facilities, programs and services are available to the entire DePauw community.

Archives and Special Collections, housed within Roy O. West Library:

Materials documenting the history and development of DePauw University and the Indiana United Methodist Church are the basis of the Archives and Special Collections. Archival and manuscript material relating to DePauw University alumni, faculty, staff and benefactors, and relating to United Methodist ministers, churches, administrative offices and agencies in Indiana are actively collected. Published material is also collected to document the activities of DePauw University and the United Methodist Church. Occasionally, materials from outside the previously noted collecting areas are added when warranted by their condition or monetary value.

Music Library, housed within the Green Center of the Performing Arts

With a few exceptions, Music is a well-defined subject area falling within the M classification of the Library of Congress classification system. Most of these materials are located in the Music Library. A large portion of the collection is devoted to music literature, which includes general music, bibliography and reference, music history (by period, by genre, by country, biography, and performance practice), notation and music theory, composition, conducting, jazz, and instrumental/vocal pedagogy. Music education literature includes history and philosophy, methodology, psychology and basic testing, administration, instrumental, and vocal pedagogy (including method books). The Music Library is located at the northwest entrance of the Green Center for Performing Arts. Encompassed on two floors, the library includes two classrooms and the electronic music lab (mitc). In addition to books about music, the collection includes scores, media, and periodicals.