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HIST 490 - Senior Seminar

This guide is for History Senior Seminars.

Requesting books - BEFORE 5/31/20

Getting the information for the form: 

When you fill out the form, you will be asked to upload a file with basic information about the books you need. The video below will guide you through the process of gathering that information. You can turn on the cc to see accompanying text (there is no audio). You'll be searching WorldCat Discovery - the main search box on the Libraries' home page

Virtual Shelf Browsing

If you've found a couple of books in one call number area, and you wish you could just go to the stacks and browse, you can use the "Browse Shelf" feature in WorldCat Discovery to see other books in that call number range. See screenshots below for steps to do this. 


Step 1: enter your search terms. On the results page, use the filters on the left to limit to DePauw Libraries and print books. I like checking the "keep selections" box so that I can try other search terms and not have to re-check the limits. This image is after I've applied the limits.



Step 2: Looking at the first result, use the "Browse the Shelf" option in the record



Step 3: use the arrow to the right or left of your book to flip through the books in call number order. 



Caveat: Remember, though, that books on your topic will often cross different call number areas. For instance - the topic of Chinese immigrants building transcontinental railroads in the U.S. could be with books on western U.S. history, 19th Century U.S. History, immigration, Chinese Americans, transportation, or labor history. 

Requesting materials from DePauw Archives

For Archives requests, please email to begin a conversation about resources related to your research topic.

Additional free e-books this spring

The following e-book resources have been temporarily made freely available, due to the COVID-19 impact on accessing physical book collections. They have varying limits (some are view-only, while others can be downloaded in full or part), and varying end-dates (though those may change as this continues - we don't know yet). These limits & end-dates are listed with each - it's worth looking at things that you might want to review/download before the opportunity is gone. 

Additional free Primary Source collections this Spring