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Earth Day 2022: Dr. Ingrid Waldron: Author of There's Something in the Water

Dr. Ingrid Waldron

Dr. Ingrid Waldron (MA, University of London; PhD, University of Toronto) is the HOPE Chair in Peace and Health in the Global Peace and Social Justice Program in the Faculty of Humanities at McMaster University. She teaches Peace, Environment and Health and Race, Place & Geographies of Violence in Indigenous & Black Communities (Special Topics Course) in the Global Peace and Social Justice Program in the Faculty of Humanities. She also teaches Social Justice Perspectives on Gender and Health in the Gender Studies and Feminist Research Graduate Program in the Faculty of Humanities. Dr. Waldron’s research interests focus on ecological violence and the structural determinants of health. She has a specific interest in the social, political, environmental, and health impacts of inequality and discrimination, the relationship between structural/state violence and the social, structural, and environmental determinants of health, health disparities in racialized communities, environmental racism, climate change inequities, mental illness, and COVID-19 in Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and refugee communities.

Interview with Dr. Ingrid Waldron (2020)