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REL 479 - Senior Seminar

This guide is for Jason Fuller's Fall 2022 section of Religious Studies Senior Seminar.

Magazine articles

Newspaper articles

Open Web

The two main strategies for locating digitized collections online are to:

  • Google - but in addition to your regular topic keywords, add terms like "primary sources," "documents," "oral histories," "correspondence," "diaries," "journals," "photographs," "sheet music," "interviews," etc. 
  • Think about who would care enough to digitize the content you want, and use that as a springboard. So if you were interested in immigrant faith traditions in NYC, you might look at university library archives in the city, the NY Public Library, museums like The Tenement Museum, historical societies for the area, etc. You might also search for societies or organizations or regional religious hubs (like a Catholic diocese or a mosque)

Library Databases