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BIO290B: Epigenetics: Historial Narrative Assignment

Assignment and Search Suggestions

This assignment will have you writing a narrative (three to five pages) describing how a common molecular biology concept (not presented in The Gene) was discovered. 

***by September 7 -- Topics Due - add to the shared Google Sheet - see link below

***by September 23 -- Students add to Google Sheet and Caroline will give feedback/suggestions on topic searching

Google Sheet: BIO290B Fall 2022 Historical Narrative Topics


Notes from Caroline:

Once you determine your topic, think about these areas and how they might frame your topic:  Ethical issues |  Historical context |  Environmental context  |  Political context/influences  |  Geographical context  |  Financial influences   (NOTE:  These are certainly not all of the issues to consider, but a starting point!)


Finding Sources in the Library Discovery Search:  On the Libraries home page, try searching these phrases to discover general books for background information:

"molecular biology discoveries"

"history of science"

"molecular biology history"      |     <your topic> + history

These searches will bring up print books in Prevo as well as ebook access and ejournal access.  You can also search your specific topic. 


Journals of interest:  These are examples of journal titles that will have historical coverage.  (Use the Databases tab in this guide to access journal articles on your topic.)

British Journal for the History of Science

Journal of the History of Biology

History of Science