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Current Awareness Services: Keeping Up with the Literature: Email Tables of Contents

General tips

Would you like to get email notices every time one of your favorite journals publishes a new issue? This tab will show you some ways to do that. There is no one method that will work for all journals, but the Journal TOCs service works for a large number of them. In the right-hand column, there are instructions for getting journal alerts from Ebsco, ProQuest, and JSTOR - email notifications when a new issue is added to their databases. 

Journal TOCs service

Once you have signed up for a Journal TOCs account with your DePauw email address and password of your choice, you will see the following home screen. You can use the search box on the left to look for specific journal titles, or keywords in the titles of journals. Here, we'll show how to browse included journals by subject. 

After clicking on that, you'll be presented with a list of subjects beginning with this:

In this demo, I chose the Library & Information Sciences category, putting me at an alphabetic list of the journals included from my discipline.

You can click through to specific journal titles to determine if DePauw has a subscription (or is open access).

Even if we do not have a subscription/access to the full-text, you can still follow the journal to get the Tables of Contents sent to you, and request specific articles of interest through ILL. 

Scrolling through screens, I found a journal of interest, and checked the box to save that one.

I can also click through to browse the most recent issue. If DePauw subscribes to the journal, it should connect you to the articles easily.


After that, you should always see your list of followed titles on the Journal TOCs home page (as long as you're logged in - you will see your info at the top if you are).

To receive email alerts, scroll below the list of your followed journals, and check the box to enable this option. Otherwise, you would only see your followed journals when you go to the Journals ToC site:

Ebsco Databases

To receive email alerts of saved searches, you must first create an Ebsco account. This is not connected to DePauw's network username/password. When in any Ebsco database, click on the "Sign In" button at the top right of the screen


You can choose to either associate Ebsco with your Google account, or create an account. 

Once you're logged in, you'll see the "MyEbsco" logo by the search boxes.

Once in Academic Search Premier (or any other Ebsco databases that keeps a "publications" index), click on the "Publications" link at the top of the page.


Then you'll want to do one of two things - either search for a specific journal by name (and leave the "alphabetical" radio button checked), or browse the journals by subject. In this example, I'm asking for a list of all the Philosophy journals in Academic Search Premier.


For each journal in the list, you will see if the full-text is included, and, if so, if there's a delay in the full-text. You can get alerts of a journal whether we have the full-text or not, but know that you'd have to look for other access to the full-text of articles of interest (in another database or via ILL)


Click on the Share pull-down menu, and then choose "Email Alert"


On the following screen, add your email address, and choose any other settings you want. You can check the box to only get notified when full-text is available as well. 

ProQuest Databases

To receive email alerts of saved searches, you must first create and be logged into a ProQuest account. This is not connected to DePauw's network username/password. When in any ProQuest database, click on the person icon at the top right of the screen and choose the "Sign into My Research" option and follow the instructions there to create an account..


Once you're signed in, click on the "Publications" option in the menu above the search boxes. 


Search or browse the list until you find a journal of interest. This list will also highlight if the journal is included full-text, and if there's a delay in it being included in the database.



When you click through to the journal title, it will give you the Create Alert option. Clicking on that gives you a menu to make the choices you want about what's sent to you.

Journals in JSTOR

While we don't have access to many current issues of journals in JSTOR (their model favors getting things from the publisher after a few years), you can still get email notifications of new issues of journals being added. JSTOR provides instructions: