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MUS 265: History of Western Music I: Library Session: RILM + Dissertations

This guide will assist students enrolled in Dr. Balensuela's Mus 265: History of Western Music I class.

Library Instruction Tutorial #2

Tutorial #2 can be found here:

Music Specific Databases

RILM Abstracts of Music

After you have gathered preliminary data from using encyclopedias you will want to move on to finding scholarly articles. Scholarly articles will make up the bulk of your research. Most are peer reviewed, meaning that the article has been reviewed and vetted by other experts in a given field. Scholarly articles fall into an important part of the information cycle, they aren't as reactive or in-the-moment as contemporary news media (newspapers, blogs, etc) but are published after a wide base of research has been established. Scholarly articles have a narrower focus, examining a specific topic instead of broadly approaching a subject.