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HONR 491A SRF Senior Seminar

Podcast to Discover

Social Media Accounts of Interest

DePauw graduates & faculty:

Samuel Rund, class of 2008:   Twitter and Insta: @SamRund   

J Nichols, class of 1989:  Twitter and Insta: @wallacejnichols

Andy Kehr, class of 2009: Twitter:  @kehrnal

Shannon Fayson, class of 2011:   Twitter: @DuraMater_

Dr. Nicole Lobdell, English Dept: Twitter: @NicoleLobdell
Dr. Nipun Chopra, class of 2006, Biology Dept:  @NipunChopra7

Former White House photographer Pete Souza:   Twitter and Insta: @PeteSouza

Associated Press science writer Seth Borenstein:  Twitter: @borenbears

Author, Science writer at The Atlantic Ed Yong:   Twitter: @edyong209

Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner: Twitter:  @ScottGottliebMD


Epidemiology Twitter:  #epitwitter     -a community of public health professionals who regularly share articles and interact around current public health issues.


Selection of science publications on Twitter:

Communicating Science: Shots of Science from Annual Reviews