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Neurodiversity at DePauw: Home

Welcome to the Neurodiversity LibGuide!

The purpose of this guide is to offer resources in areas of neurodiversity and autism in the classroom.  There will be general resources to help faculty and staff learn more as well as primary research papers and research studies.  Subscription article and ebook links will work for DePauw students, staff and faculty.

If you have additional resources that you would like to share or would like to recommend, please contact Dr. Sharon Crary or Caroline Gilson, science librarian.  Or click here to submit anonymous feedback. (Sharon suggested a link to a Google form here.)

Thank you for taking the time to develop strategies that make your classes more inclusive for DePauw students.


For further reading or research, try one of these search phrases (where to put this?):

  • autism and pedagogy
  • neurodiversity and college
  • autism and higher education
  • neurodiversity and inclusive teaching

Placeholder (idea from CG, programming for fac/staff):

Faculty development sessions on: Neurodiversity in the classroom; neurodiversity in the lab; constructing inclusive assignments/projects; neurodiversity in W, Q and S courses; maybe once a month partner with TLC or FDC or Meggan Johnston or faculty member + student to offer a lunchhour talk or panel on neurodiverse student needs and the classroom

Accomodations and support in higher education: Insights from the autism community (via the College Autism Network)