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MUS 130: Musicking : MUS 130 Research Assignment

MUS 130 Research Assignment

Each short essay should be about 4 pages long (1,000 words). Due dates for the “draft,” presentations, and final paper are on the course calendar.

1. Select one of the topics from Bohlman’s World Music from the sign up sheet in class to research throughout this section of the course.

2. Research the topic more full than Bohlman’s summary using materials in the music library and other materials as needed (recordings on YouTube, for example)

3. As you research your topic you should:

  • Find the best facts and evidence about the topic (don’t include everything you fnd, only the most helpful)
  • Expand upon Bohlman’s description based on new research (clearly show what new evidence you’ve found)
  • Consider the evidence in light of the “performance diagram” and course introduction
  • Conclude with an explanation of what you did to accomplish this research including a log of how you did your research (time spent and with what sources).

Recommended Resources for MUS 130

Music Librarian

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