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Finding Magazines before 1990: A-Z List of Magazines

This guide will help students find full text for older issues of magazines

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often will only take you to a subset of the years we have available.  Click on the title of the magazine to see more options for full text.

Finding a Print Magazine

You might see references to two types of physical magazine holdings in our libraries:

  • Print magazines & journals ("bound" periodicals -  a hardcover binding, like a book, containing a year, more of less, of issues)
  • Microfilm & microfiche are on readable film and will need to be read on a computer with appropriate technology.

Please ask for assistance in locating/using any of these titles. 


Music bound periodicals are on the shelves in the Music Library, as noted - you are able to get them yourself or ask for help.

Types of Online Full-Text

Full-text for magazines online comes in two formats, .pdf and .html. 

A .pdf file is the equivalent of a photocopy of an article, while a .html file just contains the text itself, and generally does not include any images in the article.

To find images, you will either need a .pdf file or the actual magazine. If you are looking for advertisements, they often are not included in digital files, and need to be located in the print magazine.

Magazines Available

DePauw's libraries have these magazines, which are written for the general public. Many have a specific audience or focus. Trade publications, written for professionals in a specific field, are not included in this list.