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ENG 120 Palestinian Question

This guide is for Andrea Sununu's Fall 2020 class

Search WorldCat Discovery at DePauw



If you find a book that DePauw doesn't own, and you have time, you can request the book via Interlibrary Loan (ILL) - just click on the book's title, and then from the book record, click on the Blue "Request Item" button. In the form, add the last date that the book would be of value to you, and the location (Music Library or Prevo Science Library) where you want to pick it up, and then click Submit. You'll get an email when the book is here. 

Books that Professor Sununu has recommended

In normal semesters, Professor Sununu would've put these books on "reserve," meaning they would've been kept at the library checkout desk, and students could use them for a few hours in the library. This year, we are not doing reserves. The following books are available as e-books. 


Print Books:

These books would normally be in Roy O. West Library. Ahead of the renovation, we asked faculty to pull books that they knew students might need this year, and they're housed in a very small "Roy O. West Library" collection within Prevo Science Library. If you enter Prevo, go to the left of the big checkout desk, and you'll see the collection on shelves in that direction. You can find the book using the call number below then take the book and your ID card to the desk to check it out. OR you can click on the link to the book's record, and choose to "Place Hold" If you do that, you'll be sent an email when the book is pulled, asking you to set a time and location (Music Library or Prevo Science Library) where you will pick it up. 

NOTE: If you click on the link to the book's record, you might see an "ebook" version linked there. These are in a free site called Internet Archive, not a subscription we have. This allows you ONLY to create a free account, and check out the book one hour at a time to read online - no downloading, and only one person can be using it at a time.

NOTE: Think about sharing these books with each other as needed.