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ECON 480 - Senior Seminar

This guide is for sections of Economics Senior Seminar, to help in their research.

Helping Families paper prompt

The article from The Economics (Mar 26, 2022) argues that when energy and fuel prices skyrocket, governments should bolster family incomes rather than adjusting fuel taxes. In this paper, present your best economic arguments in support of and against both of these policy options, assuming that governments want to help families. Then, weigh in on which path (reducing fuel taxes or supporting household incomes) is the better option when judged by economic approaches and models.

Rental housing market question

Recession question

A year from now, will the NBER’s Business Cycle Dating Committee declare that the U.S. was in a recession in November 2022? Answering this question requires determining what economic models say about recession, which economic indicators to consider, and predicting what those indicators will show two months from now. In this paper, you must use U.S. economic data available in August 2022 and macroeconomic models to support your stance on the question at the beginning of this paragraph.

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