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NEUR 480 and PSY 493/495 - Senior Seminar: Finding journal articles

This guide supports the Fall 2018 senior seminars in Psychology and Neuroscience.


Tutorial from APA on using the Thesaurus in PsycINFO on Ebsco

Tips for Searching PsycInfo

  • Use the thesarus to find the proper subject term for your topic to narrow and focus your results
    • Use explode function in the thesaurus to expand your search; it will find the first level of narrower terms.
    • Use major concept function in the thesaurus to narrow and focus your search.
  • If a specific subject (thesaurus) terms cannot be found, try doing a keyword search and then pay close attention to the subject headings of those articles which seem most relevant to your topic.
  • Use indexes such as author and journal to focus on specific authors or publications.
  • Make use of existing bibliographies to find additional articles

Other Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search