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Finding Poems

A guide to finding full-text of poems

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Tiffany Hebb
Roy O. West Library

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Search for a poet's name - generally, individual poems will not be listed in the catalog records. So you'll want to look for a collection of works by a poet. You could also search for keywords, such as "medieval poetry" or "slam poets" to find collections by time period or genre.

Browsing for Poems

DePauw's library does not have a specific "poetry section" where all the books of poems are shelved. Instead, poems are shelved by the name and nationality of the author of the poems.  The exception to this rule is collections of poetry, which are shelved in the call number sections below:

Using Granger's

What if the library doesn't own a collection by the poet you need, or the particular poem you want isn't included in them? Many poems are included in general poem anthologies. To locate which of these books might include your poem, use Granger's. It's located in the Reference collection in Roy O. (on the main floor), at Reference: PN1022 .C63 1996.

In Granger's, you'll need to look for the title (or the first line) of your poem. It will give you a list of anthologies in which the poem is included. Then you'll need to check our catalog to see if we own the anthology.

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