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Finding Primary Sources: Books

This guide gives tips on finding primary sources online, and through the DePauw libraries.

Finding Primary Source Books in DePauw's collection

  • Enter a keyword to be searched in the first box
  • Using the "and" connector (default), enter one of the following terms or phrases in the second box. Choose subject keyword from the pull-down menu under "Select Field to Search"
    • sources
    • personal narratives
    • diaries
    • correspondence
    • journals
    • interviews
  • You can enter more than one of these phrases in a box, connected by typing the word "or" - for example, sources or diaries or journals


  • These same suggestions should work in searching WorldCat to locate books that may not be owned by DePauw Libraries.
  • Interlibrary loan may be more difficult with primary source material, as some of these sources are located in Special Collections and may not be loaned.
  • Don't forget to check "regular" books. Even if the book is a secondary source, they may provide citations to primary source documents in their bibliographies

Subject Guide

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