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Inclusive Information Literacy Instruction: Selected Readings

Created during the 2021-22 AY as part of DePauw's HHMI Grant-funded Inclusive Excellence Learning Community. This guide provides resources and guidelines that all librarians can implement to create more inclusive instruction sessions.

How to Use this Guide

Designing an inclusive information literacy practice is a commitment to shift your instructional mindset. 

As librarians and instructors, we are responsible for developing curriculum that will be inclusive and effective for each student. The demographic shifts in higher education and the universal use of the library well position librarians to experiment and model inclusive teaching practices.

But how does one go about customizing curriculum to become more inclusive?

The suggested readings have been provided for your consideration when designing library instructional sessions.

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Grounding Readings on Critical, Inclusive, and Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy Deep Dive

Ideas and Examples for Your Teaching Practice