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Queer Crip Craft Library

A LibGuide to the resources found in the Fall 2022 Exhibit "Queer Crip Craft Library" by visiting artist Betsy Redelman Díaz.

Exhibit details

queer crip craft library by Betsy Redelman Díaz

on display in the Peeler Art Center from October 31st - December 6th, 2022


Betsy Redelman Díaz describes the exhibition as "an accessible, intersectional living archive and performance space. Activated by books, zines, spoons, sculpture, comfortable seating, poetry, and conversation, the library is a space for reading, making, play, research, and critical dialogue at the intersections of queer crip craft theories and experiences." 


This LibGuide was curated to provide access to the content on display in queer crip craft library, as well as additional multimedia content to supplement interaction with the exhibit.