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Searching Tips for Case Study Assignment

  • Searching for case studies in PubMed:  After running a keyword search, Limit to Case Reports (Case Reports=Case Study).
  • Annual Reviews won't necessarily give you case studies, but they will give you a broad overview of a topic, list and discuss primary research papers, offer ideas for future research and have an extensive reference list. 
  • Searching for case studies in Biological Sciences:  See Document Type=Case Study
  • Searching for case studies in ScienceDirect College Editions: See Article Type=Case Reports
  • For most online journals, you can Limit your results to Document Type=Case Study

For background information, you may want to search the Libraries Discovery Search on the Library home page.  You will find links to ebooks and online articles as well as print book titles you can find at the Roy O. West Library.  READING about your topic in a general way will help you prepare your narrative and help you understand your topic in a more complete way.

Need more help or have questions?  See Caroline Gilson, the science librarian at Roy O., Room 004B: to set up a research consultation.

Finding Articles: Search these databases