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Peer Research Consultants - 2022-2023: Home

About the PRCs

Peer Research Consultants are at The Desk in Roy O. West Library. They go through training to learn how to best help other students with their own library research questions. You can drop in with questions, or make an appointment with the PRCs here. To find out what PRCs are working at what time, check the schedule here

You can chat with the PRCs on the Libraries' Research Help page, or text them at 765.356.9171.

Get to know our 2022-2023 PRCs!

  • Lizbeth Araujo
  • Laney Collier
  • Emi Cuevas
  • Animesh Dali
  • Alicia Delgado
  • Liz Dugan
  • Jess Gaumer
  • Ariana Lee
  • Elizabeth Orta
  • Ngan Tran
  • Vince Vései
  • Yuko Yutaka

Sy, Liz, Laney, Emi, Animesh, and Alicia

Sy Alejandrino

Majors: Economics and Computer Science, with a minor in Data Science

Hometown: San Luis, The Phillipines

Class of: 2025

Liz Araujo

Major: Psychology, with a Latin American & Caribbean Studies minor

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Class of: 2023

Laney Collier

Major: Communication

Hometown: Danville, IN

Class of: 2025

Emi Cuevas

Major: English Literature

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Class of: 2023


Animesh Dali

Major: Cellular & Molecular Biology, with minors in Biochemistry and Mathematics

Hometown: Tahachal, Nepal

Class of: 2024

Animesh, Liz, Jess, Ariana, Elizabeth, and Esperanza

Alicia Delgado

Major: Biology

Hometown: Stevensville, MI

Class of: 2024

Liz Dugan

Majors: Anthropology and English Literature, with a minor in History

Hometown: Greencastle, IN

Class of: 2024

Jess Gaumer

Major: Kinesiology, with a minor in Anthropology

Hometown: Ankeny, IA

Class of: 2023

Ariana Lee

Major: Sociology

Hometown: New York, NY

Class of: 2024

Elizabeth Orta

Major: Global Health

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Class of: 2023

Ngan, Vince, and Yuko

Ngan Tran

Major: Math

Hometown: Da Nang, Vietnam

Class of: 2025

Vince V├ęsei

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Strongsville, OH

Class of: 2025

Yuko Yutaka

Major: Education Studies

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Class of: 2024