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This guide has been created for Bridget Gourley's Fall 2021 FYS.



This library class guide has been created for Bridget Gourley's FYS class. In it you will find resources to help with specific assignments and projects.   Please feel free to email me if you have questions or want to meet for a research consultation.


What is a primary research article?

Here are some common characteristics of primary research articles:

  • Author(s) present data and findings from original research after conducting an original experiment.
  • A primary research article typically contains the following sections: Methods/Materials, Results, Discussion.
  • Look for information on SI (Supplemental Information).  This may include additional data and/or research information.  Be sure to track down and read the SI for a complete understanding of the research being presented in the article.

What is a review article?

Here are some common characteristics of review articles:

  • Author(s) analyze and summarize existing research.
  • There is often a focus on a broad topic, examining articles that are relevant, useful.
  • Review articles do not have sections such as Methods/Materials, Results. 
  • Author(s) may conclude a review article with a section outlining areas for future study of the topic.

Visit the Library Research Spot @ Prevo for Peer Research help!


Stop by Prevo for research help - meet with a Peer Research Consultant.  Meet the PRCs here.

Handouts from Caroline Gilson: Library session, Fri. October 1

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Caroline Gilson
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