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HIST100B: The Reign of Terror in the French Revolution: Home

A guide for Prof. Whitehead's Spring 2019 course.

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To find books (and more!) use DePauw's Discovery search. It will also search materials owned by libraries all over the world.


Where to find biographical information and articles (Databases)

Databases are where multiple journals make individual articles available. You can search strategically in databases to efficiently find what you are looking for without being overwhelmed with unrelated articles. Some ways of searching efficiently are to keep your search terms short. Try to only use 1-2 words per box. Use 'and', 'or', or 'not' to limit your searches; for example, "Robespierre AND French Revolution" or "Robespierre NOT Girondins".

If you have questions or need any help, visit the Research Desk in Roy O. West, or contact!

Biographical Databases


Secondary sources (databases with academic articles)

Books on reserve in Roy for your course

Primary sources

Primary source documents are items that were originally published or created at the time of the event or person you are studying. They can be photographs, paintings, pamphlets, diaries, newspaper articles, etc. For this course, you are required to use primary source documents. Use the following links to search for primary source documents regarding your person from the French Revolution.

Here is some help on How to Read a Primary Source via the University of Iowa.

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