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Faculty Information for Remote Access


When in any doubt, just email and someone will get back to you shortly! 

Accessing materials off-campus

All library databases should be accessible from your home. If you enter through the library site, and click on a database name, you'll be prompted to log in, using your DePauw username/password (the same one you use for e-services & Moodle).

Note: Accessing links to databases from general web searches (like a JSTOR link on google) will not work, unless the source is completely free to all users. 

Note more complicated: If you DO log into library databases, and THEN go to google, any links to our owned content *should* work, because your computer appears to be on campus, no matter where you're searching. 

Research help for your students

Librarians are here for you and your students. If you're assigning a research-based project, and want to give students ways to seek help, please feel free to email them this passage, include it on assignments or add it to your Moodle site. 
Librarians are available to meet with you in the following ways:
  • email and either our peer research consultant or a librarian will begin a conversation with you about your research question and talk through search strategies and sources in back-and-forth messages. 
  • Set up an appointment with a librarian at You will get a link to the Zoom meeting for that time, and have the option to add it to your google calendar. 
  • Use the LibChat (chat box on the right side of screen on the link) or text (765.356.9171). For the fall semester, it will be staffed the following hours (all Eastern Time): 
    • TBA

Library Instruction

YES - we can still do library instruction for your classes. This could take multiple forms, including: 

  • Asynchronous video instruction that's pre-recorded
  • live sessions on Zoom (which could be recorded as well)
  • Tutorials and resource lists housed in a class-specific LibGuide
  • Librarian "office hours" session on Zoom or Google Meet just for your class to drop-in
  • other ideas as we think of them! 

Contact Tiffany ( or your regular instruction librarian to talk about the best options for your classes. 

Interlibrary Loan for articles and chapters

We are still accepting Interlibrary Loan requests for articles and book chapters that can be scanned. Continue to request them using the "Find It" buttons in the databases, or by filling out a request form. We will reach out to you if we're having trouble getting something. Email or with any questions. 

No libraries are currently participating in interlibrary loan of physical items. 

Limiting WorldCat Discovery to e-books

In WorldCat Discovery, remember that you can limit your searches to e-books only. 

Enter your search terms, and then begin looking at the limits/filters on the left-hand side of the screen. You'll scroll down through the "Format" options, and likely will need to click on the "Show More" option


Then you can click on the "e-book" limiter


After doing this, you can also choose to keep that limit for other searches during the current browsing time. 



Unlike when searching for e-books, I do NOT recommend using the "limit to full-text" options when looking for articles in databases from Ebsco (like Academic Search Premier) or ProQuest (like Sociological Abstracts). Doing so does not find all the articles which are full-text through connected databases via the FindIt button. 

Archives Sources

Included are The DePauw newspaper, the DePauw Magazine, the Mirage yearbook, local newspapers and other publications. Also included are documents, images and audio and video recordings from the University, the local community and the Indiana United Methodist Church such as campus scenes, events, artifacts, and people from about 1850 to the present.

Video streaming

We're working hard to make sure you're aware of all resources to provide streaming videos for your classes, in lieu of DVD access. If there are DVDs you've used with classes, contact us at, and we'll look to see if there's a streaming option that we can provide access to. Unfortunately, commercial services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc. do not provide an institutional subscription or rental, so those are not systems we can use - though before the semester begins, you can list a video avaliable for rental in your course text lists, asking students to rent it. 

The first option is to to look at our subscription option, Kanopy, for access to your films or other titles that might be good alternatives:

Additionally, we are able to provide one-year access to a number of titles through the library service, Swank. Unlike Kanopy, there's not a package already available - we request per title, and turn them them on as they're requested. They carry more theatrical films than Kanopy. While you can view the system through the link below, it will only show you the titles that we've already turned on for the academic year. If there are titles not in Kanopy, please reach out to us, and we'll look for Swank availability. 

Scanning materials in the libraries

If you have need of print materials in the libraries (such as book chapters or articles from bound journals), we will look for opportunities to provide electronic access. Barring that, we will scan materials that you may need once a week.  We will respond to let you know how we can best provide access to the material. All requests received by 10am on Mondays will be scanned that day (or as soon as possible, depending on volume).  

As with all policies, as campus goals and restrictions change, this service could as well. 

Chronicle of Higher Ed access off-campus

YES - you can still access the full premium content in The Chronicle of Higher Education to stay up-to-date on all the higher education news. There are two options to make this work: 

  1. Set up a Chronicle account that is verified as part of an institutional subscription. Instructions are here. Then, whenever logged in, you can access it.
  2. Go to the Chronicle website through a special URL that prompts you to login to your DePauw username & password. If you go to this URL:
then login as you would to e-services or Moodle, it should let you access all the content.