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POLS 450A Conflict and Cooperation After 9/11 (S. Sahu): Books/eBooks

A guide for Prof. Sahu's senior seminar in Fall 2018

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Keywords in Searching

Here is a list of Library of Congress subject headings related to 9/11. You can add words like 'post' and 'immigration' or 'law enforcement' or other related topics that you are wanting to research. Changing '9/11' to other variants can yield different results.

  • Variants

    • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
    • 911 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
    • Attack on America, 2001 (September 11 Terrorist Attacks)
    • Nine-Eleven Terrorist Attacks, 2001
    • Pentagon (Va.)--Terrorist Attack, 2001
    • Pentagon-World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks, 2001
    • Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
    • September 11 Terror Attacks, 2001
    • September 11 Terrorism, 2001
    • Terrorist Attacks, September 11, 2001
    • World Trade Center (New York, N.Y. : 1970-2001)--Terrorist Attack, 2001
    • World Trade Center-Pentagon Terrorist Attacks, 2001
  • Broader Terms

    • Hijacking of aircraft
    • Terrorism--United States


eBooks can be incredibly helpful! They are often text-searchable and easy to navigate. You can search for eBooks in the DePauw Libraries Catalog.

Narrowing your results

When searching in the DePauw catalog (or other search interfaces on databases) use limiters. Limiters function the same way for online shopping: think of how you search for specific sizes, colors, article of clothing or types of electronics, etc. This is the same for narrowing down to the items that are within the time-frame you need items (all of yours should be AFTER 2001), or the type of resource you are looking for (film, book, ebook, article, etc.).