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COMM 214 Theatre History (Anthony): Articles

Spring 2018

How to Search in a Database

  • Remember to use terms or short phrases.
  • If you have a name or title of a play, try putting it in quotes, for example, "August Wilson" or "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  • Use the sidebar to limit your search according to the time period, subject, type of resource, etc.
  • If you get confused or have questions: talk to a librarian! Searching (and finding!) is exactly what we do!


What is Peer Review?

Peer Review, explained. Courtesy of NCSU Library.



Or, ILL.

This is a magical tool that allows you to access items from all over the world. For free.

If you are searching and come across something that either DPU doesn't own, or doesn't have access to (a PDF link isn't available), look for this button:

The 'Find It' button will look in other databases for the item for which you are looking. If we have it (yay!), click 'View Full Text'. If we do not have it, you can request the item via ILL by clicking the button that says "Interlibrary Loan'.

This button will prompt you to submit your e-services/Moodle credentials, then will allow you to submit your request! Again, this service is completely free to you-- so use it to your advantage!

Know that the items will take a few days to get to you (articles take a shorter time than print books), so it's best to work ahead!