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U.S. Government Information: What exists?

Government info (primarily U.S. federal) via DePauw University Libraries, and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).

Tools for finding out what's been published

Each of this covers some publications, years, agencies.,,,, within the U.S. federal government (and sometimes beyond). In most cases, each month or year is an individual PDF, and they're not always in chronological order.

Even for the same tool, how it works may have changed a lot over time, and lots of things have the same title year after year, so see me or the instructions & at the front, & if you want something please take a picture of the whole page so we have all the info possible for searching. 

Save to your computer & then search! Don't try to search online (it's slow!) because many of these are 500 or more pages long.