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Using EndNote Basic (for the web) and EndNote (software): Importing Citations

EndNote Basic and EndNote: Citation Management Help Guide

Importing Citations from EBSCO Databases

Importing Citations into EndNote (the client):

  1. For each citation you want to send to EndNote, click on the "Add" folder icon to the right of the citation.
  2. Click "Folder Has Items" at the top of the page. Check-mark your citations (Click on All).
  3. Click the "Export" link. Choose the Direct Export to EndNote radio button. Click "Save".
  4. Select "Open With..." and choose a specific EndNote library. Click on OK. Your references should import automatically. To view all the citations in the library, click References on the EndNote menu bar and choose Show All References.

Importing Citations into EndNote Basic:

  1. For each citation, click Export within the item record.
  2. Chose the export to EndNote Web option. 
  3. Your citations will be imported into the Unfiled folder.

Importing Citations from JSTOR

Importing Citations into EndNote (the client):

  1. Search and select "Save All Citations on this Page" or select individual citations by clicking on "Save Citation" under each record.
  2. Select "View Saved Citations."
  3. Select "Directly export citations into EndNote."
  4. A window opens with "Open With: Choose --- "; click on Choose Other and locate the EndNote program.
  5. Select either or EndNote.exe and say OK or Open.
  6. Now select your specific EndNote library (will be a .enl file) and click Open. Your selected records should be downloaded automatically.

Importing Citations into EndNote Basic

  1. For each citation, click Export within the item record.
  2. Chose the export in RIS format.
  3. From the “Collect” tab, select “Import References.”
  4. Browse to locate the downloaded file containing the references.
  5. Select the type of file (i.e., select the import filter that corresponds to the database you used to obtain the citation records).
  6. Click the “Import” button.