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REL 197: 9/11 and the War on Terror: Background Information

This guide is for Jeff Kenney's first year seminar.

Course Books

These references are listed in your syllabus, but are also here for ease of access through DePauw Libraries. Additional readings for your course are available on the Google Classroom page.

Starting Your Search

It can be intimidating to use the library and start a research project, but fear not we (the librarians and your professor) are here every step of the way.

  • It helps to start by writing a list of terms that you will use in your search.
  • Keep notes as you research, the terms you used, where you searched, what you found.
  • Once you have some terms do some background research to add more terms to your list.
  • Now you have a bit more information on your topic start looking for more in depth information.
  • Search for books, use the bibliography to find even more books or articles.
  • Use library databases to search for articles.
  • As you encounter words, time periods, names, places etc. that you don't know circle back to do more background reading.

Research and Writing Help

DePauw University Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Visit the ARC to brush up on your writing (W), speaking (S), and quantitative reasoning (Q) skills with specialized tutors in each competency. The ARC is currently located in Asbury Hall 115.