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CLST 197 - Conceptualizations of Time in Antiquity

This guide is for Jinyu Liu's Fall 2022 first-year seminar.


Academic Search Complete

  • Why search here? Great starting point, with something for every subject!
  • What's included? Lots of full-text, mostly peer-reviewed and recent, with some older and popular sources.


  • Why search here? It’s an excellent tool for scholarly articles and books/chapters from university presses, covering most disciplines.
  • What's included? The collection's strength lies in its complete back issues of journal titles covering 75 disciplines, while a weakness is a "moving wall" limiting access to the most recent journal issues - the coverage skews older, so it’s not always a great starting point for researching topics that need to have the most current sources.

Project Muse

  • Why search here? You need scholarly articles on the humanities and social sciences.
  • What's included? Project Muse is a collection of established and longstanding scholarly journals in full-text for humanities and social sciences journals. Strengths of this collection include its caliber of content with historical and the current holdings.