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High School Outreach- Conyer: Library Tour

The Tour


Locations: Prevo and Music Library


  • John Robb Emison Reading Room 
  • Study Rooms
  • Biology Book Section  

Music Library

  • Study Areas 
  • Circulation Desk 
  • DVDs and CDs

The Hunt

The scavenger hunt is designed for students who enjoy exploring on their own. The students will be spilt up into 4 groups. There will be certain tasks that need to be completed to win the hunt. The winners will receive prizes of stickers and candy. 

The Scavenger Hunt example:

  • Receive a letter from the Peer Research Consultant
  • Ask the first librarian you see for their favorite thing about the library to receive another letter.
  • To get the next code, go to the music library and check out a book to get the next letter. 
  • Find a sticky note with the final letter in the reading room without disrupting DePauw Students

The Online Tour

Below is an online tour of the Prevo  from about 14 years ago. For this program, it will be important to update these resources for students to revisit the library at home.