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ProQuest Ethnic NewsWatch: Database Tips: Home

This guide shows users the highlights of ProQuest: Ethnic NewsWatch and provides tips and tricks of using the database.

Welcome to ProQuest: Ethnic NewsWatch!

If you're looking for articles about social justice movements or happenings from different parts of the world, checkout ProQuest Ethnic NewsWatch! This database provides users with full-text articles from ethnic, minority, and native presses in English and Spanish from 1959-present. Other resources include blogs, podcasts, websites, dissertations and theses. 

Tips and Tricks

  • You can search ProQuest: Ethnic News Watch by typing keywords into either the basic or advanced search. You can also narrow your search results to full text, scholarly journals, by date, and more. The keywords that you use in the search will be highlighted in the result titles, as well as in the result text of the item.
  • Most results will have a pdf or html link for the full text of the article. If there isn't a Full-Text link, click the interlibrary loan button to get the article from another library.
  • Have you found the perfect article and want to find similar sources? Look for the "Related items" box on the right of the page  and the database will provide you with multiple items that relate to the article that you searched first!
  • Ethnic News Watch offers lots of tools to save articles and searches so you can return to them later. If there's a PDF of the article, you can download it straight to your computer or print out a copy.
  • You can also use the tools on the right to save articles to Google Drive, send them to your email, export the citation to your computer, or save multiple articles to a folder to send to your email.
  • Want to save your entire search without having to type it in again? Just click on the "Save search/alert" button to the right of your results  and on the pop-up menu, select "Get search link". Another pop-up box will provide you with the Permalink of your search. Copy and paste the link to your email or a Google Doc to keep the link. Then next time, copy and paste the link in your browser URL box and your search will be called up!
  • Are you trying to re-trace your steps and find out where your search began? Click the "Recent searches" button at the right of your results page to see all past searches. This will also provide you with the keywords that you used in the past, too!
  • Need help citing your articles? You can cite your source in APA, Chicago, MLA, and more by clicking on the "Cite" button on the right. Be sure to double check the citation to make sure the formatting is right!
  • Need more citation help? You can also check out our awesome citation LibGuide for more help with citing sources, or come talk with a librarian!

Want to keep getting up-to-date articles on your searches? You can get updates on any new search results by creating an RSS feed or create an alert for your search. First, click on the "Save search/alert" button to the right of your search results:  Next, click on either "create alert" or "RSS feed."

If you want to create an email alert, select how detailed you want the results and how frequently you want them. If you want to make an RSS feed, click on the link and copy and paste the code. Finally, click the "save alert" button and you'll be updated whenever new search results come in!

More Help

Need more help using ProQuest: Ethnic News Watch? Check out their help page here or come talk with a librarian!