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Ethical Inquiry through Video Game Play and Design: A Symposium: Home

The Prindle Institute


A growing number of designers and critics have demonstrated that games can mediate ethical inquiry through the simulation of moral choice and consequence. This concept of games as models for moral problems has motivated a search for ethical criteria that might guide the design and analysis of video games.

The symposium will consider the claims that video games might serve as a platform for ethical inquiry, that they offer a new means of investigating social relations between human beings, and that their interactive capabilities allow them to act as mirrors for self-examination. How do video games promote ethical positions? Can they enhance our ethical sensibility by simulating moral problems? Should simulated experience reinforce the ethical principles of real experience, or should it, as play, be allowed to transgress them?

This symposium will take place at the Prindle Institute from Oct 10th-12th, 2011.

For more information, visit the symposim's website at:

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