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Matt Dellinger: Home

This is a library guide to accompany Matt Dellinger's Fall 2010 visit to DePauw


Matt was a student at DePauw and graduated in 1997. Here's one article in the student paper that mentions him. More are available in the DePauw Digital Library.

Matt Dellinger's Visit to DePauw

Matt Dellinger will visit DePauw University on November 3, 2010. Presented by the James and Marilou Kelly Writers Series, Dellinger's presentation will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Richard E. Peeler Art Center. The event is presented free of admission charge and is open to all.

Librarian Info

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Ruth Szpunar
I'm at the Reference Desk on Tuesday nights from 7-10 PM, on Thursday from 3-5 PM, and on Friday from 2-5 PM. Feel free to stop by, or to send me an e-mail with a question.