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Deborah Willis: Home

This Fall 2011 guide is to support visiting scholar Deborah Willis.

Deborah Willis visits DePauw

From September 25-28, 2011, author, curator, and photographer Dr. Deborah Willis will be visiting DePauw's campus.


Dr. Willis will give an all campus lecture titled, “Black Beauty in Activist Art: 1900 to Today” on Monday Sept. 26th at 4:00 p.m. in Peeler. She will be visiting with other groups and classes as well.

Hank Willis Thomas & Deborah Willis

Description from Aperture website:

Tuesday, November 11th at Aperture Gallery, distinguished scholar, curator, artist, and author of Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs Deborah Willis and her son, Hank Willis Thomas, photographer and winner of the first ever Aperture West Book Prize for his recently released monograph Pitch Blackness, sat down for an intimate discussion about their family and artistic histories. Together, they outlined the relationship they share as mother and son and as fellow artists.

One of the questions that arose after the presentation was how Deborah, as a central figure in African American studies feels about Michelle Obama as a new role model in the American political and social landscape.

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