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Cool Talk about a Hot Topic: The Ethics of Communicating about Climate Change: Home

This is a library guide to accompany this Spring 2013 Symposium

The Prindle Institute

Symposium Information

This symposium will focus on how scientific climate change findings are reaching the public, how policy uncertainties are driven by the changes in mass and elite perceptions of climate problems, and most of all, the ethical question of how we should try to talk to one another about this urgent, but arguably overlooked and misunderstood, issue for our time.  Has there been something wrong with past efforts to communicate about climate change and climate policy?  If so, what's the remedy?  Is there really no problem, or is there a communication problem, a political problem, a scientific problem – or an ethical problem? 

It will take place at the Prindle Institute from Apr 9-11th, 2013.

For more information, visit the symposim's website at:

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