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HONR 102 B: Honor Schol F-Y Seminar: Home

This guide is for students in David Alvarez's spring 2012 class.

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Please help me in planning future library instruction sessions by clicking on the following link.  It will take you only a short time to complete the following evaluation of this library instruction session.


This guide has been created to help you create your own anthology of poetry.  In it you will find many sources to help you complete this task - some are online and some are in print.

Please remember if you WANT help your research, you don't need to "need" it! I and all of the librarians are glad to work with you.  My contact information is on the right side of the page.  Librarians are located at the reference desk on the main floor - at the entrance and  just past the stairs on the right. (Not permanently, just lots of the time.)

Thank you to Jo MacPhail, who did 90% of the work on this guide when she met with similar classes in the past.

I am:

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Tiffany Hebb
Roy O. West Library