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DePauw's Food Initiatives: Home

This guide is for those who want to learn more about issues related to food initiatives at DePauw.


This guide serves as a resource to those who want to know more about the food issues that many are championing on campus - specifically locally-grown food, vegan options, and organic food. Feel free to use the comments features to suggest additions to the guide.

To know more about the movement locally, check out the Local Food Initiative page, that's part of the larger Sustainability at DePauw site. Or read this blog post about DePauw's efforts from the "Going Local" website.

The librarians would be happy to help anyone researching these topics to find more information. This is just a sample of what's available.

Video clip

This clip describes how Truman State University students are working with Sodexho to get more locally grown food on campus.

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