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A Guide to Psychology Resources: Welcome

This is a subject guide for resources in Psychology.


This guide list some of DePauw University Libraries' most exciting and fulfilling psychology resources.

Replies, Reviews, & other reactions

Information, even that published in "reputable" sources isn't always true, and doesn't always stay true.

After an article or book is published, you may find important feedback in

  • Replies & letters to the editor of the journal the article was published in, usually in the next few issues. In databases, you'll find these if you limit (ideally "Document Type") for
    • Comment
    • Reply
    • Erratum
    • Correction
    • Letter
  • Book reviews, found in professional journals via PsycINFO and similar databases
  • Book reviews, found in general newspapers & magazines.
  • Citation indexes - these search footnotes in books & articles to find sources that cited the thing you read. The biggest one is Web of Science; PsycINFO has a smaller set.