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Government info (primarily U.S. federal) via DePauw University Libraries, and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).


We receive U.S. government materials via for the public & DePauw as part of the Federal Depository Library Program.


Updating this guide to U.S. government documents and information is high on my "to do" list! honest!

In the meantime, Please do let me try & help. Email me at or call 765-276-6468.

Welcome to Federal Depository Library #0172!

DePauw University Libraries were designated a "depository" library for U.S. federal government publications in 1879 - the first in Indiana.

The intent is to provide access to information about U.S. government activity, and about anything the government funds or researches.

Material includes

We provide free pubic access to U.S. government documents & information resources in print & online, including reference assistance & unfiltered searching of any U.S. government websites.

We lend our physical government documents directly to anybody with a

If you don't have one of those, we will happily lend them via InterLibrary Loan. Contact your home/school/work library to make the request. We are OCLC library "IDU."

Almost all documents are in "open stacks" so you can browse them. We are ADA accessible, & open to the general public until 10 p.m. most nights when school is in session. During summer and breaks we have shorter hours.

We  have a "selective housing" agreement with the Putnam County Public Library & provide some high interest books for their collection so that things most useful for the general public are in the place that the general public is most likely to look for them.

Some text on this guide is copied verbatim or slightly revised from,, and other official or pertinent sites.

I am:

Kathryn Millis
I'm on Roy O's "Ask a Librarian" desk Monday nights, Tuesday through Thursday afternoons, and lots of Sundays. Contact me for help with Africana Studies, LGBT, U.S. Government & darn near anything else.
(765) 276-6468
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